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April 16, 2008
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Power Rangers Global Defenders by kram-elbog Power Rangers Global Defenders by kram-elbog
Recently I decided to make 4 sets of rangers based on the 4 categories of rangers from the Rangers Strike Card Game. Wild Beast, Earth Technology, Over Technology, and Mystic Arms.

This is the Earth Technology team, which I call Global Defenders.

Story: Several astronomical observatories come to notice a large asteroid headed in the direction, at first none of them were worried, with the exception of NASA, with the help of the Hubble, got a clear enough image of the object, showing it to be a massive warship. Alerting the United Nations that the asteroid was actually a space ship they came up with a plan to form a team to defend the planet. One representative was selected by each member of the UN, eventually it was narrowed down to the top five, who were given the power to become, the Global Defender Power Rangers. Later on a sixth member joins the team after they are kidnapped by the enemy.

They are as follows.

Red Defender Ranger
Weapon: Eagle Blade
Zords: Defender01 (Figter jet, forms body and legs), Eagle (Right arm, and head)

Pink Defender Ranger
Nation:New Zealand
Weapon: Kiwi Staff
Zords: Defender02 (Fighter jet, forms head and arms), Kiwi (Chest)

Yellow Defender Ranger
Weapon: Carp Cannon
Zords: Defender02 (Fighter jet, forms head and arms), Carp (Left arm)

Blue Defender Ranger
Nation: Canda
Weapon: Horse Hammer
Zords: Defender01 (Figter jet, forms body and legs), Horse (left Leg)

Black Defender Ranger
Nation: Italy
Weapon: Wolf Lance
Zord: Defender01 (Figter jet, forms body and legs), Wolf (Right Leg)

Gold Defender Ranger
Nation: France
Weapon: Rooster Rapier
Zord: Rooster (Combines with Defender01, replaces Defender02)

The initial Megazord is the Defender Zero, which consists of Defender01 and Defender02. Later on Defender02 is destroyed, and the Defender Beasts are made so they can form the Global Beast Megazord.

When the Gold ranger's Rooster zord combines with Defender01, it forms the G Defender Megazord.

Credit: Credit goes to Acatl of Ranger board for the templates, and various suit parts I used for the design, except for the Operation Overdrive stuff.

Credit goes to Fathernature of ranger board for the OO buckle, and stripe.

The menial tasks of piecing things together recoloring, and minor editing was all done BY ME, as was the Earth Technology logo. So Please do not touch!

Power Rangers is copyright Disney, Toei, Bandai and what ever other companies own licenses dealing with it. The concept of this team is my own however.

Base by :iconameyal:
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TIzontheska Aug 1, 2013  Student Artist
Global Sentai Planetranger lol for a sentai version
wow cool idea...though i wished u could hav given them specific elements to command u noe? XD jus a suggestion :)
Elemental power would be Mystic Arms, or maybe even though its a stretch, Wild Beast, not Earth Technology.

Earth Technology is the group which gets powers from earth level tech, not alien, animals/nature, or magic.

Earth tech, the "zords" are more mechanical, less high tech, more modern/classical. Hence the lack of elemental powers, their suits are suits, they hail from various countries, and later gain mechanical animal zords. However early on they still have just 2 large jets.

The animal influence is rather mild, seeing as the 6 animals are based on national animals of the countries represented.
wow cool idea...though i wished u could hav given them specific elements to command u noe? XD jus a suggestion :)
Dear creator.

My name is krizsy101 and I'm a new member to this site and I've seen all these cool designs that people create and I've always wanted to make my own but i don't know how to. So if you could please tell me how you did it and the website you got if from I'd be very happy and i would send you my first creation of it so if you can please reply back.
From Krizsy101
PowerRangers159 Apr 11, 2009   Digital Artist
What's the "Sentai" name?
I didn't think of a sentai name for any of the 4 Rangers Strike teams.
You not only created an interesting custom team of Power Rangers complete with great drawing and main plot but you gave each ranger a complete bio you REALLY should make a fanfiction on this!

I'm just sayin
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