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Power Rangers Tribal Warriors by kram-elbog Power Rangers Tribal Warriors by kram-elbog
Recently I decided to make 4 sets of rangers based on the 4 categories of rangers from the Rangers Strike Card Game. Wild Beast, Earth Technology, Over Technology, and Mystic Arms.

This is the Mystic Arms team, which I call Tribal Warriors

I don't really have a story for them, much like Over Tech. However I do have some ideas.

All five are there from the start. However only Red Green and Yellow have Tribal Orbs, allowing them to summon their Tribal Beasts, Fenrir, Kappa, and Harpy. Later on Blue and White get their Tribal orbs, and can summon their Tribal Beasts, Thunderbird, and Yeti respectively.

Tribal Megazord consists of Harpy, Fenrir, and Kappa. Tribal Storm Megazord, consists of Thunderbird, and Yeti.

The Tribal Rangers also become their zords, however they utilize Tribal Orbs, and Tribal weapons to do so.


Red Fenrir Tribal Ranger
Tribal Arms: Tribal Orb (contains Fenrir's spirit), Tribal Jaws (gauntlet weapon, and summoner.
Tribal beast Form: Fenrir(bulk of the megazord)

Green Kappa Tribal Ranger
Tribal Arms: Tribal Orb (contains the spirit of a Kappa), Tribal Shell (shield)
Tribal Beast form: Kappa (Left arm)

Yellow Harpy Tribal Ranger
Tribal Arms: Tribal Orb (contains the spirit of a harpy) Tribal Talon (Claw weapon)
Tribal Beast Form: Harpy (Right arm)

White Yeti Tribal Ranger
Tribal Arms: Tribal Orb (contains the spirit of the Yeti) Tribal Fists (Hammer)
Tribal Beast Form: Yeti (bulk of the Tribal Storm megazord)

Blue Thunderbird Tribal Ranger
Tribal Arms: Tribal Orb (contains the spirit of the thunder bird) Tribal beak (Gauntlet weapon, shoots thunder)
Tribal Beast Form: Thunderbird (helmet, and arms of the Tribal Storm Megazord)

Credit: Credit goes to Acatl of ranger board for the templates, and the Pink Zeo visor which I utilized for the Green visor.

Credit goes to FatherNature of Ranger board for the MF visors which I modified for the Yellow and Blue visors.

I did use pre-existing suit creations for reference purposes, but didn't copy/paste anything.

I did all the coloring, and labor. I also made the Mystic Arms logo my self, so Please HANDS OFF.

Power Rangers is copyright Disney, Toei, Bandai and what ever other companies own licenses dealing with it. The concept of this team is my own however.

Base by :iconameyal:
LightSpectrumMLP Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2016  New Deviant Hobbyist Writer
Where can I find the bases for these? I want to make my own suits but I can't find them anywhere.
VORSE-ALIENITE Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2009
i love the story not bad costumes u should do some more
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April 16, 2008
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