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Power Rangers Wild Strike by kram-elbog Power Rangers Wild Strike by kram-elbog
Recently I decided to make 4 sets of rangers based on the 4 categories of rangers from the Rangers Strike Card Game. Wild Beast, Earth Technology, Over Technology, and Mystic Arms.

This is the Wild Beast team, which I call Wild Strike.

Story: The Six Beast Emperors have awakened, and begun their attack on humanity. However one man, foreseeing the attack, assembled five ordinary people, and trained them in the way of the beast warriors. Teaching them what was needed transform ordinary animals into giant machines, and giving them the power to become Power Rangers.


Keith Warren
Designation: Purple Bat
Zord: Strike Bat (Body/head)
Weapon: Wing Strikers (wing shaped blades)

Danielle Stein
Designation: Blue Walrus
Zord: Strike Walrus (right leg)
Weapon: Tusk Striker (tusk shaped, hand held blades)

Taylor Graham
Designation: Red Panda
Zord: Strike Panda (Right arm)
Weapon: Panda Striker (head shaped gauntlet)

Nathaniel Graham
Designation: Green Cow
Zord: Strike Cow (Left arm)
Weapon: Cattle Striker (whip)

Seth Carson
Designation: Yellow Lynx
Zord: Strike Lynx (left leg)
Weapon: Lynx Strikers (clawed gloves)

Credit: Credit goes to Acatl for the templates, and the yellow helmet which is a recolor of Lost Galaxy pink, with MINOR editing.

I did use pre-existing suit creations for reference purposes, but didn't copy/paste anything.

I did all the coloring, and labor. I also made the Wild Beast logo my self, so Please HANDS OFF.

Power Rangers is copyright Disney, Toei, Bandai and what ever other companies own licenses dealing with it. The concept of this team is my own however.

Base by :iconameyal:
RedFalconRanger Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2015
Looks like Blue Walrus Ranger has a same visor as Blue Galaxy Ranger though.
evanesces Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2011
nice choice of animals... very fresh and original
kram-elbog Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2011
thanks, wonders if anyone noticed the color/ location reference or if the use of purple threw them off
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April 16, 2008
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